Reflection (Week 2) #Weekly

What kind of parent do I want to be? Why?

I want to be the authoritative parent not the “Tiger mom” kind of authoritative parent though. I don’t want my child to be under a lot of pressure, for example, they must study hard and be a doctor and what not because I would not want my child to do something he or she does not want to do. It’s their life and they can choose what they would want to be in life. Also I don’t want to be so relaxed with my children hence there would definitely be rules they have to follow and things to avoid doing. I would be strict but for good reasons.

Some of us like complaining about our parents. But would we prefer it if we were left to our own devices? Why or why not?

I agree that many of us complain about our parents however I would not prefer to be left to my own devices. The reason is because if I were to be I would definitely be a very bad person by now. For example, smoking, clubbing, drinking, drug consumption and other things like that. Maybe I would even have been a dropout for all I know. Most parent’s usually want the best for us hence they act the way they do.

What is my role as a child? What is my role as a citizen?

I feel my role as a child right now is just to study hard get good grades and get a job I want and make my parents proud. My role as a citizen would also probably be the same, just study hard get a job and contribute to the society in any way I can.



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