#2 VIA Character Quiz #weekly

These are my strengths and weaknesses I have found out after doing my survey.











Have my parents influenced my character strengths somehow? How can I use my strengths to create the kind of society I wish to live in?

For me I feel that my parents may have somehow influenced my character in one way or another. Maybe for the humor part my parents may have influenced me as they are always trying to be funny from time to time. However I feel that most of my character strengths may have been influenced by the schools I have attended. For example my school is always teaching the students to be kind to one another, help those in need and do acts of kindness often. School is also always making us do group work and projects since around primary 4 and therefore have learned to be a better team member and how to work together with others efficiently.

I can use my strengths for example humor to make more people laugh as I feel that people are also so busy with work and life they don’t have a chance to relax and a laugh would most likely help them. I can also use my strength kindness to help people as nowadays Singapore is encouraging more and more people to do more acts of kindness for example there is something called “Pay it Forward” which is about spreading kindness and making people’s day by doing anything nice you can think of like helping a blind person cross the street or even giving strangers notes of encouragements to make them smile.



One thought on “#2 VIA Character Quiz #weekly

  1. Ms Annette says:

    Education can definitely shape the person we are today! Hope to see more of your penchant for humour during AEC lessons then!


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