Reflection (week 5) #weekly

What is a “good country” to me? Do I consider Singapore a good country?

A good country to me is one that is safe from threats, natural disasters, violence and crimes. Also one where people live in harmony and everyone is happy. Life is not that stressful for example education and work-wise.

On Singapore being a good country I’m in between. Singapore is good in its safety, absence of natural disasters. Singapore also has the least number of violence and crimes in my opinion. People also generally live in harmony and we are a multi racial society. Apparently Singapore has one of highest ranking in happiness. For me this is not true as I am not happy. The reason is because the education in Singapore is very stressful and some of my classmates can definitely agree with me. This is probably the only reason why I do not consider Singapore a good country. Also everything is so fast paced in Singapore people don’t really have time to do things. Everyone is constantly on their phones and they have no time to do things and everyone is so busy with work and school. In conclusion, I would think say Singapore is a good country because other than the education and work system Singapore is quite a good country.


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