Made in Singapore #CA1

One of the few local inventions was the thumb drive and the Pirate3D Buccaneer. A Singaporean by the name of Henn Tan invented the thumb drive which almost all of us use today. The Pirate3D Buccaneer is a 3D printer invented by a group of Singaporeans. The 3D printer allows people to create 3D objects and anything you can possibly think of that a 3D printer can make. Singapore now finally has a locally made 3D printer made by Singaporeans. Carousell, which is a Singaporean made app similar to eBay/Craigslist. Carousell is known as the eBay of Singapore. Carousell allows anyone to buy and sell things. Most of the inventions by Singapore are technology related as Singapore is focusing more on the area of development.

My favorite Singaporean invention would be Carousell. As buying stuff off eBay and Amazon and other online websites are expensive due to shipping prices and it is easier to shop when there is a local website/app available. Its a lot more easier to get clothes and shoes and other stuff because people sell many things on Carousell like cameras, lenses, musical instruments and so on. I definitely have bought many things on Carousell and it is a very useful app however I spend too much time scrolling through the app and not buying anything.

If I were to be an inventor I would not invent something technology related instead I would invent the cure for cancer because of the many lives taken away by cancer. Even small children and teenagers. Some people probably just passed on from cancer as I type this and that is very scary to me. I know its hard to come up with the cure but if I were to be an inventor I would definitely want to come up with the cure. It just really saddens me how cancer can easily take someone’s life away. Leaving their family heartbroken and empty. Even if I’m not the one to invent it I really hope someone would come up with the cure soon.

In conclusion, I think there are many brilliant Singaporeans out there who have contributed to the development of Singapore by creating small inventions like the thumb drive and etc.



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