Unusual Occupations #CA1

In this blog post I would be talking about unusual occupations. What do I mean by unusual occupations? Well have you ever heard of a mermaid? The mythical creature that is in story books and shows? Well yes someone in Singapore works as a mermaid. This is unusual to me as you rarely hear of people working as a mermaid.


This is Cara Nicole Neo, a 22-yearol-old NUS student. Mermaids intrigued her since she was a child and she transformed into a mermaid also known as “Mermaid Syrena” when she was shopping for a Halloween costume one year. Since July 2013, she has been attending children’s parties and corporate events and charging as high as $500 per hour! Just being at the event for 3 hours and she already earns $1500! I  would want to live that life. However her income definitely depends on the demand for mermaids.

Another unusual occupation in Singapore is a professional poker player


This is Bryan Huang he started playing poker in the military and continue being interested in poker after the army when he went to study accountancy. While undertaking his degree, he decided to take poker seriously and studied the game to understand the gamer better. He is one of the toughest players today as is ranked as ‘Asia Player of the Year’ last year. He has earned a lot of money playing overseas at places such as Spain and Las Vegas.

The last job is a Lego certified professional, yes that’s right a Lego professional. A 37-year-old Singaporean by the name of Nicholas Foo is the only full-time artist in Singapore and Asia who is a Lego certified professional. He received his first set of colorful bricks at the age of 8 and had continued having an interest towards the bricks till now. He became recognized after posting photos of a bear with a hidden tummy compartment online that he had made for a friend’s birthday. He was sent to Enfield, Connecticut for the programme on Lego building. Now he is a Lego certified professional and has to right to market and sell his own products.

Out of these 3 jobs I would definitely choose the Lego professional. I mean how cool does that sound. If someone were to ask me, “Hi what’s your job?”, “Oh well I’m a Lego professional”. Well actually it sounds quite lame but to some people it might actually be the coolest job in the world. If I were to be one, I would be the second Lego certified professional in Singapore and Asia. Being a Lego professional is also a slightly less stressful than normal average jobs and it allows me to be creative and create many things that I am able to sell. It is also very interesting and my friends would envy me. Hence I would choose to be a Lego certified professional.


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