Global Voices #CA1

A story that really calls out to me is the story about the Chinese officials promising they would not let the Yulin Dog meat festival happen this year. (2016)

The story can be read here:

This story makes me relived and happy that they finally stopped this cruel event. I have seen videos on twitter of how they treat the dogs and it is disgusting how some would do that to dogs and other animals like cats and rabbits. The dogs are crammed into small cages and there are a few dogs in one of the cage. The people who collect the dogs just throw the cages around and the dogs inside get hit by the walls of the cages. The people also hook dogs by their necks when catching them and it is really saddening, most of the time they steal dogs that belong to other people. The dogs don’t even know what is going to happen to them and they just look so sad in the cages. They even boil the dogs alive during the festival because its said that the adrenaline released makes the dogs taste better . I was very disgusted by their behavior when I saw those videos. Many people stood up against it and made a petition to stop this event when it went viral on Twitter. I am really glad that this event is put to a stop this year. However the Chinese officials might have put it to and end so that they can redeem themselves from this horrible act. I hope that this event stops forever and not just this year. Animal cruelty comes in many forms but this act is far by the worst I have witnessed in my entire life. People need to put a stop in animal cruelty or any form of cruelty to be exact.



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